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Toothpaste Tabs - With Fluoride - Spearmint

Toothpaste Tabs - With Fluoride - Spearmint

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The plastic tubes of toothpaste can go out the door! With these plastic-free Toothpaste Tabs you can create foam in an instant to effectively brush your teeth. Simply put a Tab in your mouth, chew it finely and then brush your teeth with the foam. With the wonderfully fresh taste of peppermint. One bottle contains 62 Tabs, which is equivalent to brushing your teeth for a month. Note: always close the bottle after use for the longest life.

- Contains 62 tabs

How many plastic tubes of toothpaste do we use each year? The answer: a lot. This produces a large pile of plastic waste, which is (almost) impossible to recycle. This is because traditional toothpaste tubes consist of several types of plastic. As a result, they cannot be recycled. The result: plastic tubes are burned, or worse: they end up in the environment. Both options have terrible consequences for our planet.

It's high time for a truly 100% plastic-free option: the HappySoaps Toothpaste Tabs! 100% (micro) plastic free, palm oil free and vegan. The Tabs come in a handy glass bottle with a 100% natural cork as a cap. After use, you can throw the cork in the organic waste bin and the glass bottle in the glass bank. For example, both packaging materials are fully recycled. Better for you and the planet.

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