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6mm Natural Stone Beads Round Landscape Jasper - 10 pcs

6mm Natural Stone Beads Round Landscape Jasper - 10 pcs

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Beautiful brown gemstone bead in a round shape. (Landscape Jasper)
  • Material: Pure natural stone
  • Size: 6mm (Ø1.6mm)
  • Price per 10 pieces

 Operation Landscape Jasper

Landscape jasper is a grounding and protective stone. It is a stone that puts you on the ground and helps you to exchange the energies of the earth. Landscape jasper encourages action and helps you to persevere to achieve your goals. It is also a stone that makes you assertive and reduces fears of conflict. Landscape Jasper helps you to zoom out, to see the big picture. Jasper is also a stone that absorbs negative energy and protects you against electrosmog. 

Landscape jasper is a fine meditation stone and helps you to make real contact with your deep inner self and mother earth. 

Physically Landscape Jasper has a detoxifying effect and stimulates the metabolism. Landscape jasper has a positive effect on skin allergies and complaints of hay fever. Landscape jasper also has a positive effect on blood circulation and your digestion. 

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