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Handige maattabellen!

Handy size charts!

What are the jewelry sizes? + handy size chart!

Do you want to make jewelry for someone else, but you have no idea which size is best for you? Then By Christa has the perfect solution for you. By Christa has made a super handy size table for you. Not only for women's sizes, but also for children and men!

Making a custom bracelet or necklace is now very easy and you can continue choosing nice beads instead of messing around with the different sizes

Please note, these are sizing guidelines. Of course, the size also depends on the build of the person

What size do you need for baby and children's bracelets?

These are the most common sizes for babies and children. Sizes may vary by age.

Because children grow quite quickly, you can choose to add an extension chain to your bracelet if you have a bracelet made of nylon thread and finished with a lobster clasp. Did you make an elastic bracelet? Then it will last a lot longer! Do you make elastic bracelets for very young children? Then you can also thread the elastic double, this makes the bracelet a lot firmer. Small children sometimes want to pull the bracelets.

What size do you need for a ladies bracelet?

Customizing women's bracelets is no longer difficult with this table. For example, if you want to sell jewelry, you can choose to make it in all sizes, but you can also give the option to make custom jewelry and place a comparable table in your webshop. This way you don't have to tailor all bracelets before you can place them in your shop.

Are you in markets? Then take a pair of pliers and some basic material to adjust a bracelet, so your buying customer is even more pleasantly surprised by your good service when it just doesn't fit, but it does by adjusting it.

What size do you need for a men's bracelet?

For men's bracelets you can use the following sizes.


How do you measure the length for a bracelet?

Do you want to make a bracelet for yourself? Or for a girlfriend? By Christa  also has a handy table for that. Of course it differs per person what you like how you wear a bracelet, tight, normal or rather loose?

Measuring the correct length for a bracelet is very simple. To do this, you measure the circumference of your wrist. This is best done with a flexible measuring tape.

How many beads do you need to make a bracelet?

I regularly get asked how to calculate the number of beads you need for a bracelet.
This can be done simply by following a few steps:

  1. Measure the wrist circumference with a tape measure. My wrist circumference is 16.5cm or 165mm
  2. What size bead do you want to use for the bracelet? I'll take the 6mm beads!
  3. Now it is the wrist circumference in mm divided by the size of the bead 6mm: 165/6=27.5 = 28 beads

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